Let me worship the MAN you are..

Let me worship you.

Let me bow down to your masculinity.

Let me surrender to your presence.

Let me honor the conscious container you hold for my feminine heart and body.

Let me hold you when you’re distraught.

Let me release my judgements about how you should be.

Let me show you how much I love you.

Let me seduce you.

Taste you.

Touch you.

Swirl my tongue around you.

Stroke you.

Let me look into your eyes, deeper.

Let me invite you back into your integrity when you stray.

Let me challenge you.

Let me surprise you.

Let me free you when you can’t break your own chains.

Let me love your darkness.

Your softness.

Your strength and direction.

Your wounds and fears.

Let me worship the man you are, even if you can’t see yourself that way.


a poem by Amber Leitz

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